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The Opening!

October 5, 2016 7:09 am Published by Comments Off on The Opening!

Finally opening day of the Art, Cities & Landscape Festival 2016! We’d come a day earlier to Amiens to prepare our site for the visitors and of course to test the water (hot, hot hot!). Besides this we bottled and stickered some of the black water we kept after flooding the biomeiler, it is said to be a very potent fertiliser, and we wanted to have them as little gifts for the visitors. The opening day (and night) itself couldn’t have been more perfect. After the usual set of speeches and glass of wine we went around and had a look at the installations. During the evening, a big dinner was prepared for all of the other artists, co-workers and friends of the festival, which was followed by a mysterious night time torch walk, accompanied by a local brass band. The walk ended at the waterside, where a floating bonfire and the continuous... View Article

Holy Shit, what a summer in the park!

October 18, 2015 10:49 am Published by Comments Off on Holy Shit, what a summer in the park!

Symposium & Trésor Noir Soup Collective Disaster is delighted to invite you to participate in a playful discursive event to reflect upon the knowledge and experience gathered at Usine du Tresor Noir during Parckdesign 2014. Usine du Tresor Noir is a dry toilet installation in public space which produces fertile soil (terra preta) out of the visitor’s waste. While in function this summer, a number of topics came up, such as socially engaged art, sustainable infrastructure, waste and responsibility about public space. We are very much interested in what ingredients you have to add in the soup and the discussion; we would be pleased if you could join. Other invited guests include terra-preta expert Dr. Haiko Pieplow and artist Ayumi Matsuzaka who is going to prepare Trésor Noir Soup. WHEN: Sunday, September 14, 15.00 WHERE: Parckdesign 2014, Avenue Jean Dubrucq 240 PLEASE BRING: a vegetable and something you consider waste... View Article


October 18, 2015 10:42 am Published by Comments Off on Saturnalia!

You are warmly invited to the revival of Fête du Saturn, an ancient Roman feast, dedicated to Saturn, the symbol of agriculture and toilets. Fête du Saturn was celebrated in Ancient Rome with a public banquet, followed by gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere in a state of social egalitarianism. Starting Saturday afternoon, through exercises and creative play, we will seek a poetic expression regarding the miracle of life making through waste. Do not worry if you don’t have any experience with creative expression! The workshop will be led by Sonia Saurer (known from the zinneke parade), an artist specialized in working with non-actors. This workshop will be an opportunity to meet, move around together, connect with nature, have fun, play and improvise. There will be fire, biochar, hot bath, compost, music, food, dance, trance, abundance of consciousness, a collective spirit. There is different ways of participation in the celebration. You can engage... View Article

Saturnalia – Open Call

October 18, 2015 10:38 am Published by Comments Off on Saturnalia – Open Call

Fête du Saturn – open call for performance workshop EN This workshop will be an opportunity to meet, move around together, have fun,play, improvise and dare to compose a group taken into account each one’s single voice.. Through exercises and creative play, we will seek a poetic proposal in relation to the place where we work: Under a bridge in the sun, on the edge of beautiful wasteland Tour & Taxi, around the project ‘Usine du Trésor Noir’ part of Parckdesing in Molenbeek. Let yourself embark for a collective performance, organic movements, inspired by transformation of matter. This Workshop is OPEN TO ALL and it is for FREE: 7-107 years (children desiring to participate must be accompanied by an adult) it’s for FREE, but it is necessary to commit to 3 days and the sun is mandatory! … take a picnic, soft clothes and your smile!  


October 18, 2015 10:30 am Published by Comments Off on Factory

So, except of the toilet, the playground and the stage, the Usine has also a factory where toilet waste is transformed into precious terra-preta soil with the help of microorganisms and biochar. You can learn more from the explanatory diagrams, if you visit the installation. Some workshops and explanations will follow soon, so stay tuned or write us an email! there is always an opportunity to be involved, so get in touch!

Open for Jams

October 18, 2015 10:26 am Published by Comments Off on Open for Jams

So, except of the toilet and the playground, we have also designed a stage in front of the Usine! A brass band performed there at the opening. If you would like to perform too, please contact us! Casual rehearsing at the stage of the Usine. The stage is open to everyone for use in ay way imaginable! We believe is an amazing use of public space, that belongs to all of us! simply go and rehearse there, you will have a natural audience. Don’t forget to invite us!