You are warmly invited to the revival of Fête du Saturn, an ancient Roman feast, dedicated to Saturn, the symbol of agriculture and toilets. Fête du Saturn was celebrated in Ancient Rome with a public banquet, followed by gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere in a state of social egalitarianism.

Starting Saturday afternoon, through exercises and creative play, we will seek a poetic expression regarding the miracle of life making through waste. Do not worry if you don’t have any experience with creative expression! The workshop will be led by Sonia Saurer (known from the zinneke parade), an artist specialized in working with non-actors. This workshop will be an opportunity to meet, move around together, connect with nature, have fun, play and improvise. There will be fire, biochar, hot bath, compost, music, food, dance, trance, abundance of consciousness, a collective spirit.

There is different ways of participation in the celebration. You can engage either by taking part at the performance workshop or by offering your amazing delicacies to the common banquet. If you simply want to join the dinner without engagement, you also have the option of monetary exchange. This is a family feast! You can choose the engagement type.You can come with your family and the dinner you cooked at home and share it with everybody.  In that case you don’t have to pay!

The feast will be Ramadan-friendly; we will only serve dinner after the sunset.

Places are limited, so please secure your participation in the feast in advance!

WHEN: Saturday, 5/7/14, 19.00

Creative expression workshop: 5/7, 16.00

Feast eaters or cooks, please subscribe here.

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