There is life around Power Pile

The Power Pile, was during the festival and its construction, not only the source of warm water for shower and kitchen, but it became during the days of the festival a real spa.

With the integration of the Koti sauna, and thanks to the Shiatsu massage session the natural energy generated from the biomeiler spread around the people reinforcing the atmosphere of festivity and celebration that the Periferia festival was generating. 

Shiatsu sessions by Valentina Signore: Shiatsu stimulates the body’s vital energy. Calm and relaxing in nature, it is yet dynamic in effect. The body-mind re-adjusts itself and a new well being takes place. Shiatsu has Japanese origin and is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It is practiced dressed on the floor. Using rhythmic pressures along the meridians and gentle stretching, shiatsu provides an improvement in physical and energy balance

Arie van Ziel : Architect and designer expert of bio-composting and natural integrated systems, public lecture.

Koti sauna   is a Finnish neighborhood sauna project whose objective is to offer Brussels residents a real moment of relaxation in a warm setting in the city, all in an approach that respects the environment and people.
Anna, the initiatior of this project has Finnish origin and she wants to transmit this popular sauna culture to the people of Brussels.
Koti Sauna means “home sauna” in Finnish. It will be a place where you find your loved ones, friends, neighborhood residents, a place where you feel at home.

Biomeiler Construction workshop