July 11, 2016

The tale of Tiles

As a sort of memory of the place, an alchemical stonehage, a possible code of symbols and signs, the 6 pink tiles can be discovered around the Miracle Mountain. In collaboration with Duccio Maria Gambi, expert of concrete, pigments and shapes, Collective Disaster developed these 6 pink concrete tiles with brass insertions. The insertions refer to the main elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Their form and position resonate from a geometrical code that drives the energy around the Miracle Mountain, trying to reinforce the connection with the surroundings while adding an extra layer of metatext. While designing and researching we discovered also that the pink triangle during Nazi time was used to…..  we didn’t know this, but when we found it out, we thought that it was perfect. So let us thank the work of our master of concrete, pigments and shapes Duccio and enjoy these six special candies.

Part of the project:

Miracle Mountain