August 6, 2016

Journey to the Centre of the Biomeiler

When experimenting, accidents might occur. From Amiens we received the news that our biomeiler had stopped circulating water, the energy was no longer flowing, everything was blocked. All around us questions and doubts were raised – we consulted our biomeiler expert Arie, we tried to guess, but the only thing to do was go there and visit our Biomeiler. Louisa and Andrea drove to Amiens on a rainy day full of hope and restlessness; once there, they meet with the stalwart Guillaume and start to pump, measure, dig, test, feel, smell, listen, discuss, but nothing. The biomeiler was not pumping water anymore. At that point it was clear: deep inside the Miracle Mountain something was broken, maybe forever. Five days later the whole team was there: Pieter and Valentina from Berlin, Andrea and Louisa from Brussels and Guillaume with his crew. So at the first light of day, under a threatening... View Article

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