Multiplicity – otherness – Unity

Our friend Charlotte Istat, tell us the story of of the power pile construction from her unique perspective:

I am Charlotte, I am 32 years old and I like to think about the meaning of the life.
It is through a search for Unity that I create small scenes made up of elements like humans, animals, plants, sometimes mechanical constructions, with naive looks but also textures, contours, forms full and empty … These elements, although they are different or sometimes contradictory, respond to each other and together form the parts of a harmonious whole where everything is in its place.
This multiplicity – otherness – Unity is for me an image of the inwardness of the human and the paradoxes which inhabit him but also of the society which we are today called to transform, to harmonize in order to find peace with us and with others whether they are Human, nature, animal or even object.

Part of the project:

Power Pile Miracle Mountain