Saturnalia – Open Call

Fête du Saturn – open call for performance workshop


This workshop will be an opportunity to meet, move around together, have fun,play, improvise and dare to compose a group taken into account each one’s single voice..

Through exercises and creative play, we will seek a poetic proposal in relation to the place where we work:

Under a bridge in the sun, on the edge of beautiful wasteland Tour & Taxi,

around the project ‘Usine du Trésor Noir’ part of Parckdesing in Molenbeek.

Let yourself embark for a collective performance, organic movements, inspired by transformation of matter.

This Workshop is OPEN TO ALL and it is for FREE:

7-107 years (children desiring to participate must be accompanied by an adult)

it’s for FREE, but it is necessary to commit to 3 days

and the sun is mandatory!

… take a picnic, soft clothes and your smile!


Part of the project:

Temple of Holy Shit