Mascha Fehse

Mascha Fehse will become an architect, a writer, a magician, a discoverer and inventor, if everything turns out as planned. Sofar, her interest are multiple and unfocused, but she is determined to pursue them.

As for her experiences, she has worked on a project of seducing a google street view car driver (Illusion and Confusion, Think public Space Competition, Zagreb 2016), choreographed chicken (Mons Invisible, European Capital of Culture 2015), discussed and applied question of autonomy and the commons (Summer School for Applied Autonomy 2013) and has enriched herself and the earth in projects circling around composting (The Temple of Holy Shit 2014, The Miracle Mountain 2016).

She cares about micro-collisions, applied experimental approaches and a design discourse that triggers curiosity and leaves space for an attitude. She is intrigued by moments that allow a multiplicity of motivation and coexistence of contradictions. Social constellation, infrastructural relations, structural connections and imaginative associations are issues that occupy her mind, at the moment.

Mascha Fehse has worked on following Collective Disaster projects