A visual Manifesto

The boat of discovery is floating in the sea of knowledge motored by an  insane quest into humankind and its societal structures. We are in constant  danger, between the monster of financialization, the monsters of precarity and environmental disaster. Are we able to influence the wind of change to lead  us to a more hopeful, utopian shore? And what would that shore look like?

We are all involved in different ways and moments in this adventure. While each of us is in constant re-search for a balance between individual desires  and collective goals, we are all looking between the gaps together into the construction of a new reality; a reality built on our desire to influence and understand the epic effort to balance the innate impulses that are at the base  of the human struggle for a better life, for a different life, for a life. Respect and trust are the polar stars for our navigation. We are flexible and we are everywhere, diffused, hidden in this constructed place with no time.

Sometimes we are the boat, sometimes the sea or the wind and other times, the little ants, constantly working for our community. Not for money, but for pure exchange of ideas and visions. Everybody can find his or her place within the big picture. But, is the wind a gentle breeze or a devastating storm, are the ruins the rest of a cataclysm or the passage of time? Wait, isn’t this actually the same thing? Isn’t time with its unstoppable ticking, the biggest catastrophic invention of humankind?

The Visual Manifesto was produced for the exhibition THE COLLECTIVE INTENTION at Depot Basel.

Collective Disaster
Design Displacement Group
Juice & Rispetta
Okay Studio 

Charlotte van de Velde
Michał Szota 
Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Theda Schoppe 
This Is Work


Depot basel


From: June 1, 2015
Until: June 25, 2015


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Exhibition view @Depot Basel

Collective disaster google scroll

A Collective Disaster group portrait by Sebastian Zimmerhackl

Group image of all participants of The Collective Intention by Sebastian Zimmerhackl