Holy Shit Preacher

The Holy Shit Preacher is a mobile public dry toilet installation with terra-preta sanitation system which serves the physiological needs of PERIFERIA festival’s visitors. Terra-preta is a fertile man-made soil found in the Amazonian basin. The metaphors from the milieu of religion help us to communicate the idea of the transformation of the secular miasma (body and bio-waste) into a holy substance (terra-preta soil) that has the ability to generate life. The movable aspect of the installation serves the flexible needs of the festival while increasing the “preaching” performance of the project in the peripheral areas of the city. Just as much as for the concept of waste, the preacher wants to reestablish a new dialectic about the periphery and helps to build a constructive and stimulating reflection about potentials and forces. It advocates a local approach to the organic circular economy, it aims to empower the community and brings environmental and economic benefits to both urban and rural areas.

About the festival: PeriFeria festival 2015 allows you to discover the outskirts of Brussels (Vilvoorde) and its spatial particularities in an unconventional way and challenges you to come up with solutions. Together with local residents, neighborhood, organisations, designers, researchers and artists, organiser City3 has created an exciting program of workshops, guided tours, artistic interventions and made-to-measure activities.

The project has been realized thanks to the organization of City3 and the collaboration of local enterprises active in the productive and social context of Vilvoorde such as VCL a non profit organisation, active in the training and certification of welders since 1975, and ProNatura a social and sustainable enterprise busy since more than 15 years with having more and better nature, while at the same time creating new jobs opportunities.


Traveling around the Brussels periphery


From: July 1, 2015
Until: September 30, 2015


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