A miracle being born

Collective Disaster just spend two weeks in Amiens, for the creation of Miracle Mountain. We had all the help we wished for the passed days. We carried 40 m3 of wood chips, from the mainland of the bridge to the plot, and then from the plot inside the biomeiler. All of it, shovel by shovel!

All our gratitude goes to Guillaume Montis, Nathalie Vallee, Aline and Vincent of Maison de la Culture of Amiens for the incredible organisation and attendance during the biomeiler workshop. Nothing was possible without the tireless help, energy, smiles and constructive solutions: Mascha Fehse, Sébastien Tripod, Muriel Claeys, Jorg De Vriese, Serena Taglia la Tela, Simon Vermoere and last but not the least Robin Weber. Tessa Zettel, we would like to thank for the great pictures she took during the building process. Special thanks goes to Bart Grandry for the help with engineering the system and the Vermoere – De Wilde family for all the logistic assistance. All this combined with the knowledge of our expert Arie van Ziel, allows us to announce that our Biomeiler produces already today HOT WATER!

Ahead of schedule, we managed to do a boat trip at the Hortillonnages, the last day of the residency!